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The Joy El team brainstormed and voted on the
Top 10 reasons to attend summer camp at Joy El.
The results will be posted over the last two weeks of March.


# 8:  Pinecones vs. Pixels
By: Andrea Ziebarth, Released Time Administrative Assistant
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There is no emoji that will ever come close to portraying the experience of one week of summer camp at Joy El.

I remember hearing my Dad say, “I don’t know how each of my three kids got a love for camping, because we never took them on camping trips as a family when they were young!”  But what is true, is that each of us were sent every year to attend summer camps, where we plugged into the beauty of God’s creation, and developed a love for experiencing that connection ever since.

But was it? Was it the smell of the night’s campfire?  Or was it walking from my cabin to breakfast with the crunching sounds of twigs, pinecones and leaves underfoot?  Or could it have been sitting on the pine benches while hearing the speaker wrap up the week’s messages and knew God was speaking to me, and having my personal relationship with Him grow?  There are not too many chances to be present in the here and now while living in the age of pixel distraction.  Time intentionally spent on the canvas of God’s...


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