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By Aaron E. Ziebarth, Executive Director 

Have you ever wondered how your service for the Lord is having an impact? Recently one of our listeners had an encouraging encounter. 

Dottie Berkheimer has been a listener for many years at the Conewago RT.  She was serving with her church at the Dover Carnival.  A young man in his early 20’s approached her and asked if she knew who he was.  At first, she did not recognize him.  He explained that she might not because it had been quite a number of years since he had seen her.  

He recalled sitting with her at Released Time in his elementary years.  His fiancé was with him and he explained that Dottie was part of the program that was the reason he had so many Bible verses memorized and could use them in his daily speech.  

He recalled leaving Conewago Elementary school each week and riding down to Released Time Bible Program held at Quickel Evangelical Lutheran Church to hear Bible teaching and to work on memorizing Bible verses.  

He told Dottie that he would like to become a youth pastor.  He shared that he loves the Lord and wants to get more schooling to be a youth pastor.  Even during their conversation he was quoting...