Welcome to Joy El

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By Aaron E. Ziebarth, Executive Director 

Yesterday afternoon my wife and two of our children decided to take advantage of the beautiful afternoon and walk around our town. Our stroll was filled with good conversation and appreciation of the weather. 

Halfway through the walk we noticed someone walking our way. We quickly realized that it was a friend that we hadn't seen for quite a while. Our conversation was encouraging, and then she made a comment that grabbed my attention. 

"God is really using your ministry,” she said. “It seems like every time our church does baptisms, so many of those getting baptized mention that they responded to the Gospel at Camp Joy El. That is really exciting! Makes me say, ‘I need to keep sending my kids there!’" 

I am humbled and grateful to be a part of ministry where God is regularly drawing children and adults into relationships with Himself. God is at work, impacting His kingdom through Joy El. 

Now is the time of year to register your children for summer camp if you haven’t already. The memories will be significant. The life lessons will be unforgettable. Campers make friends who will last a lifetime. If you have been to summer camp, you know about the power of God that is...