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By Aaron Ziebarth

“I didn’t know you could teach public school children about Jesus.”  I hear this often when I share that we are teaching God’s word to over 3,000 public school children.  The reality is, there is much confusion about the laws, and there is a great deal of false information that has been shared by those who want to separate church and state. 

Two principles guide our ministry. First, we are excited about reaching as many children as possible. Secondly, we want to honor God through a full understanding of our nation’s laws regarding Released Time and promotion thereof. 

Since there has been so much confusion and false information, we asked Matt Sharp, legal counsel from the Alliance for Defending freedom to come and share with our volunteers at our fall workshops.  It was very insightful to have him share. I believe that having a greater understanding of these truths will help us to reach more children with the gospel. 

A future blog will highlight his teachings, take a few moments now to see how our staff were encouraged: 

One thing that Matt Sharp shared that stuck was the equal access.  I talked with volunteers who were ready to move forward because they...