Camper Testimonies

Testimonies at Christian Camps in PA

By Aaron E. Ziebarth
Executive Director

At the end of every session of summer camp, parents, siblings and grandparents join us for the closing program.  We sing songs, receive a challenge from the speaker, receive awards for the week, watch video highlights and then hear a testimony of how God worked.

Last Friday at Energizer 1 camp two campers shared in front of their peers and everyone else how God was at work in their lives.  THIS IS POWERFUL! Two statements stood out:

How much is it worth?

Quality spiritual instruction at Christian camp in PA

By Aaron E. Ziebarth, Executive Director

Every session of summer camp, we ask parents to give us feedback, so that we can improve the program and facility for future campers. This is very important to us. Why?  Because we know how hopeless life can be without Jesus. The better experience each child has at summer camp, the more likely children will see and understand the hope that Jesus Christ offers.

Recently I reviewed the evaluations from last summer.  One question was, “Did you feel you got your money's worth at Joy El Camps & Retreats?”

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