Help Children Find Hope and Healing

Help Children Find Hope and Healing

Many children come to camp looking for hope and healing, and God meets them here in the form of loving counselors. Transformative conversations happen in a variety of places around the campground--everywhere that counselors and campers spend time together.

This year, we hope to expand the number of ways and places that counselors can connect with their campers. See our list below of items needed around the camp grounds to provide more places for conversations and to remove distractions.

We are praying for $165,750 to fulfill our complete list of needs (contact us if you would like specifics). Everything sought will help children have exceptional experiences at camp and Released Time, which in turn helps draw them closer to Jesus. Would you prayerfully consider giving a special one-time gift in order to help get a child excited about God? We would consider it a privilege to have you join us in bringing the Healer to more children.

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4 Hex Swing Benches - $9,000


16 Picnic Tables - $2,000

40-ft Climbing Wall - $39,000

Additional water well - $35,000

Cabin renovations - $40,000

Mini Van - $9,000


2 School Buses - $4,500

Cafe Furniture and Design - $4,000

Chest Freezer - $1,000

Robot vacuum for the pool - $2,000

14 Fire Rings for cooking on fires around camp - $2,500

2 Foosball Tables - $1,600


Pool filter and motor - $1,500

Video Projector - $800

Wireless Microphone - $500

Luke's Lodge remodel completion - $10,000

3-point Snowblower for our pick-up truck - $3.350

Cabin Renovations ($4,000 each cabin)

- bathroom floors redone

- lighting added

- walls repaired and repainted

- wainscoting added
































































































































Excited about more healed lives,




Aaron E. Ziebarth
Executive Director

*Actual students but names have been changed.